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About Dana

Dana Bilokapic is a twelve-time award-winning, International Skin Expert and Lecturer and is committed to sharing her proven secrets with you. Discover how you can look and feel divine with Miracles Healing Skin Care.


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The Power Of Ingredients

Take yourself on a rejuvenating
journey where knowledge is power
and results are guaranteed.

The Power of Ingredients book will help you choose how to best look after yourself, the environment and future generations by selecting quality ingredients in your daily products. This is essential for your wellbeing. Think of your skin cells just like the rest of your body – without sufficient water, we feel tired and unwell and our skin is no different.

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3 Proven Secrets To Younger, More Beautiful Looking Skin In Just Days

How Improving Your Skin Oxygenation Can Transform Your Skin & Wellbeing

Use This “Skin Energizer” Effect To Make Your Skin Look & Feel Divine