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Power of Ingredients – The Science of Healthy Skin

Miracles Healing Skin Care Results-Based Ingredients

Miracles healing skin care contains the most effective, organic, high quality components such as jojoba, lemon, chamomile, vitamins C, E, A as well as the active ingredients of aroma extracts that mimic the skin’s own oils.


Give yourself an invigorating boost so you can face the day with the freshest of faces. Miracles is an intensive, all-in-one care, that is fast, effective and easy to use. It will also hydrate, oxygenate and protect your skin with or without make-up and is the best choice for your healthy glow. See for yourself why these products are called Miracles. You will be amazed! Look and Feel Divine with Miracles Healing Skin Care.

The unique blend of Miracles healing skincare replenishes vital ingredients and greatly affects all parts of our major functions, for example, oil gland function, stimulation of blood flow. These processes also help our skin to produce new cells and work in harmony with mind and facial muscles.

The skin, mind and internal organs are interconnected and create true health functions. Miracle’s proven formula combines ingredients that activate 3 powerful skin functions: hydration, oxygenation and the lymphatic system.

“Our skin can only look healthier, younger and more beautiful when it is provided with nurturing ingredients to support its own natural skin self-healing abilities.” Dana Bilokapic

The value of using skin-combatable ingredients has an influence on your skin and your emotional state – ultimately your happiness helps nourish and sustain your healthy skin which is why all ingredients used in Miracles healing skin care are organic and compatible with your skin. Be happy in your own skin.

Miracles Healing Skin Care Results

Each precisely designed formula from Miracles gives you confidence and is the perfect healthy solution to younger looking skin. You can be safe in the knowledge that what you put on your skin is vital for you. Learn more about the proven formula here. Miracle’s education video.

How does it support the skin’s immunity? Miracles improves firmness and elasticity, promoting hydrated & smooth skin as well as the reduction in the appearance of acne & scars by using the traditional and scientifically-proven ingredients such as Oleum Lemon, D-Mixed Tocopherols and Jasmine aroma extract help minimize the impact of the environment.

How does it help the mind and emotions? Miracles ingredients refreshes & cools, bringing clarity to mind & emotions. Lemon (Citrus Limonum) This refreshing ingredient restores vitality by acting as a tonic to the circulatory system. It also has beneficial effects on the immune system & cleanses the skin. With a high content of vitamins A, B and C will give you a boost to your immune system removing negative energy, fatigue and even works perfectly for insect bites.

Does Miracles have natural SPF? The multi-tasking ingredients of Miracles (Basil extract, ceramides, Vitamin E and others) reinforce the natural support barrier in the skin by balancing melanin cells which makes enjoying the sun and Vitamin D completely care-free. Miracles’ quality ingredients, together with sunlight, help the body produce natural feel-good hormones called endorphins which also help in coping with stress and daily, visible healthier looking skin.

Read more about Antioxidants in miracles healing skin care

A Variety of antioxidants are essential to help combat the damaging effects of free radicals as well as protect the skin, and body’s cells. Free radical damage is caused by the harmful effects of the Computer, TV, pollution, cigarette smoke, unhealthy diets, medications and other external environmental factors. We consume antioxidants through certain foods and that’s why our skin needs extra protection.

Benefits of some antioxidants in Miracles healing skin care:

  • Essential oils- Jasmine, Rose
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Coenzyme Q10
  • Extract from vegetable Oils and herbs

The results of using herbs, plants and vegetable oils were used in ancient medicine across the world. In many cultures it is part of everyday living and it is the preferred source of preventing disease and illness.

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