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Our Story

Highly respected international Skin Expert with multiple industry awards, Dana Bilokapic, founded Miracles Healing Skin Care in 2008. Her mission was to achieve lifelong, healthy results by using effective, organic ingredients that compliment the skin’s own natural function and healing abilities. Dana’s unique talent lies in the way she sees the skin which as lead to the creation of the best anti aging serum found in Australia.

In her professional growth, she always thinks back to her childhood where she was inspired by well-known healing therapies. With years of experience in the beauty industry, Dana found limited opportunities for professional development and her dream came true in March 2002 when she opened Salus Beauty and Day Spa Clinic in Sydney which continues to be successful into 2018. As a skin expert, Dana offers a free skin analysis on site in Manly just a ferry ride from Sydney. Click here to book your Skin Analysis.

Years of intensive research and study into best ingredients in beauty products has led her to travel the world in order to closely follow the ongoing research of leading scientists in this field, as well as to study Neuro Linguistic Therapy. It was at this point that Dana had her moment of clarity, realising how ancient healing methods work and understanding how ingredients affect healthy skin function and how they match the molecular structure of the skin.

In our modern world where time, money, beauty and health are all so important, to truly heal skin and help people, Dana created a clinically proven formula that not only enriches your skin but is also a powerful age reversal treatment combines vitamins, liposome and fatty acids that strongly benefit healthy skin function.

The name “Miracles” was inspired by her clients. They couldn’t believe what “just one bottle” could do for their skin. Seeing her clients go through such positive changes inspired Dana’s vision. Dana talks more about the 3 powerful skin functions: hydration, oxygenation and the lymphatic system in her well being and skin health program. Click here to register for the Free Videos

In order to pursue her vision of a simplified beauty routine, it took hard work, commitment, passion, and vision to create and provide the Miracles Healing Skin Care formula. Simplicity is divine, for everyone from the novice to the expert. This powerful difference has been widely recognised and Miracles has achieved multiple Awards for instant and visible results on healthy, younger looking skin. This proven formula provides all families with the health-promoting benefits while also helping individuals and families to achieve their dreams of financial independence.

Miracle Healing Skin Care

One bottle, One minute a day for face, eyes, lips, neck, décolletage and hands. Also works as make-up remover on face and eyes. Click for more information Miracles products are also compatible with all ages, skin types and lifestyles, hormones, medications, trauma, and stress. It is also excellent for those who are pregnant, post-pregnancy and who have allergies.

Award-winning Miracles Healing Skin Care beauty regime consists of Vital hydration, oxygen boost and healthy immune skin function. Each precisely designed proven formula from Miracles gives you confidence and is the healthy solution that will give you the pleasure of natural ingredients with younger looking skin. You can be secure knowing that what you put on your skin is good for you and 100% nourishing power rich with super skin lipids. Easy immediate absorption with miracles result in confidence and you’ll also save money and your precious time.

Free skin analysis
valued $199

Free skin analysis (valued at $199) in our beauty spa in Manly. Click here to book your Skin Analysis

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