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Clay Mask



Miracles Scientific Skincare has achieved multiple awards. 
Highly beneficial, therapeutic clay powder transforms into smooth, light texture paste with just a teaspoon of water. Become
your own chemist in the comfort of your home. Versatile and economical in terms of your precious time and money, Miracles
Healing Clay Mask brings benefits such as beauty treatment for the face, neck, décolletage and hands.

Benefits your skin health: Addresses internal cellular purification Delivers skin compatible proteins for ‘deep cleansing’ Enhances cell-activating capabilities Hydrates skin, leaving it soft and refreshed Maintains the skin’s moisture balance Revives natural self-healing functions for more radiant skin Soaks up toxins Nurtures and supports skin cell production Enhances blood circulation Has natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties

Clay powder has been used since ancient times to provide healing therapy. Miracle Healing Clay mask is a natural deep cleanser and acts as an age reverse agent for visible skin firming and lifting. This extremely calming product brings miraculous benefits for all skin types, even the most sensitive of skins.

It is the Ideal Treatment for ● Inflamed, itchy, red, sensitive and allergic skin ● Tired skin, dark circles and puffiness around the delicate eye area ● Dehydrated and damaged skin ● Fine lines and deep wrinkles

Combine one teaspoon of clay powder and one teaspoon of water and mix together to form a paste. Apply on the face, neck, eyes and décolletage and leave on your skin for a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes. Remove by having a shower or wipe off with a wet towel. Use once or twice a week or as your skin requires.


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