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Skin Analysis

Discover the amazing effects of Miracles Healing Skin Care…

Your EYES are the pathway to visualisation, personal identity,memory, learning and emission. Delicate skin around eyes is finer than the skin on your face. It has no fatty tissue and it is lacking in sebaceous oily glands “skin oil” which naturally keep skin moisturized. There are 22 mussels around eyes in constant motion that deliver around 10,000 blinks per day. Relaxation and the highest performance of delicate eye area can be treated with the special touch of Miracles Healing Eye and Lip Serum. Your EYES are the mirror of your soul.

Take a look at this Before Photo

Can you see the

  • Tired-looking skin
  • The premature wrinkles
and the dry skin around the eyes
  • And Whiteheads

Other Symptoms for a lack of moisture are

  • Dark circles under eyes
  • Sensitive skin
  • And Oily skin can often be due to imbalanced moisture levels

When we look in the mirror and see any of these Skin Symptoms , then our skin does not contain the moisture level needed to be healthy and protect itself against bacteria, pollution and premature aging!

Take a look at this After Photo

Lets now take a look at how fast your skin can transform when we give it the optimum hydration it needs.

Can you see the transformation in Sarah’s skin? It’s looking younger and healthier, and her skin is much more hydrated and smooth. Not only that, her energy levels and confidence increased and she was feeling happier and more vibrant on the inside too. All this with only one product that took only ONE a minute a day to apply. I also receives a large number of emails concerning skin conditions and help them naturally without undergoing expensive and painful surgeries.


If you like a Skin Analysis, you can book into our beauty Salon in Manly or contact us via Skype.

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