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I love skin care Miracles makes my skin really look young. You only need to use a small amount so this means you will save money and your time our time is pressers.

Amanda, Sydney

After years of damaged and tired looking skin I discovered at Salus Beauty and Day Spa Manly the answers on how I can help limit the signs of my aging and damaged skin. By using Miracles I have visibly reduced dryness

Barbara, Manly

The Miracles Serum is an all-in-one so instead of having to buy separate products for different parts of my face, I just get one serum that works wonders. The Miracles Scientific Formula is outstanding, extremely refreshing and makes my skin feel so clean.

Australian Achiever Awards Customer

As a professional Skin Therapist, I worked with many different skincare products before I found the Miracles Scientific Skincare line. I tried the products and I could see the healing results straight away. Everybody is born with beautiful skin but we apply so many products that create an unbalanced skin with issues like dry, sensitive, and different allergic reactions. Back to basics is the solution. Natural ingredients, 100% chemical free, Miracles quick, simple application. I only go for the best and that’s why I am proud to work with these products. The feedback from my customers is always positive and the healing skin results are absolutely outstanding! I highly recommend the Miracles Scientific Skincare line

Petra Kennis-Shine

Salus Client and Dedicated User of Miracles Scientific Skincare

Dana is an absolute expert. I find her invaluable in my constant therapy and maintenance.
She has all the treatments anyone could possibly need and performs them all extremely well.
I honestly couldn’t recommend her salon highly enough and have sent my children there. I have found the Miracles Scientific Skin Care range of products to be excellent. I use it daily, and it seems to have some amazing essential ingredients and I love to use it on my skin.

Australian Achiever Awards Customer

Salus Client and Dedicated User of Miracles Scientific Skincare

Dana is such an exceptional person in so many ways, and has been my chosen skin and well-being therapist for many years. Her strong academic knowledge, her experience over many years, and continual research, through extensive travel and studies of overseas cultural traditions, have been instrumental in instilling a multitude of disciplines into her treatments and products, making her unique, and a leader in her field. Moreover, Dana has special intuitive and spiritual qualities not evident in others, which she generously instils into all of her treatments, creating that extra dimension of experience which I value very much.

Because other skincare products have ‘fallen short’ in various ways in terms of desired outcome, Dana, over many years, has developed her amazing skin therapy products, ‘Miracles’, which she not only uses in her salon, but which have been used with great success by many clients, to which I and many others can attest. Constant research and testing have ensured that these products continually maintain top of the range quality and provide superior results. I am personally a dedicated user of Dana’s Miracles skincare products. For many years Dana has generously shared her expertise and qualifications through lectures and consultancy services to other skin & beauty consultants, and, of course, we as clients have benefited enormously.

As an extension of this, over the years, Dana has made a commitment to share her scientific knowledge, expertise and experience in the form of a comprehensive and informative book, designed for women & men alike, covering all aspects of skincare and health. Developed over many, many years of research (as Dana is a perfectionist), this book has finally come to fruition, providing the very latest, concise information on skincare and beauty, not available from other singular sources. This book will serve as an amazing reference tool and provide easy-to-read information for beauty therapists and all who are interested in skincare and beauty. Dana’s constant use of the word ‘beautiful’ epitomises that beauty which emanates from within her. She has a purity of soul, integrity and professional generosity, which permeates throughout all of her treatments and products and creates the special quality that is Dana.

Sandy Tesoriero